Dining Etiquette

Gain confidence in dining as you master...

  • Approaching the table
  • The proper use of the napkin
  • When to begin dining
  • Imploring proper dining posture
  • Choosing the appropriate utensils and stemware
  • Dining with grace for each meal course
  • Navigating difficult dining situations with ease
  • Correcting common dining faux pas  ​

This course is offered  to groups as well as  private, one-on-one instruction as a dining tutorial.  This course is customized for children, youth and adults.

business Etiquette

Solidify your brand as the well-rounded professional with...

  • Proper introductions and handshakes
  • Meeting and conference etiquette
  • Social media and email etiquette
  • Corporate networking
  • Professsional courtesies
  • Effective communication and conversation skills
  • Exuding confidence
  • Polishing your appearance to refine your image, grooming, and attire
  • Business dining in restaraunts, at banquets and cocktail/networking settings

social Etiquette

Navigate any social situation with grace and ease

  • Move gracefully while sitting, walking and standing
  • Refine your posture
  • Master your non-verbal communication
  • Operate with diplomacy and tact
  • Be a gracious host(ess) or guest 
  • Navigate conversations with ease
  • Toast with confidence
  • Master  introductions
  • Write proper thank-you notes
  • Practice cocktail dining etiquette
  • Learn afternoon tea etiquette
  • Learn wedding, funeral or special events etiquette

Professional Development Topics

  • Leadership Development (Situational Leadership SLII Certified)
  • Mastering Sales Skills (Challenger Sales Model Certified)
  • Corporate Protocol
  • Customer Service
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ethics in Local Government
  • Job Interview and Networking Skills